This is the second version of the SOLAR_TRACKER  . I made this upgrade to improve some aspects that I didn't like from the previous version.

For example (maybe because I used PLA for gears) I noticed that some teeth were weared a lot.  And  sometimes  happened fatigue failures in some gears.

The main purpose of this version is to use a greater module wheele, but it was impossible to use that reduction ratio with 2.5 of module....TOO HUGE.

So i decided to change the geometry, I removed the arm and so the hinge is inside the panel. In this way I have big benefit of a very close centre of mass from the means that I could choose a 45 reduction ratio instead of  202 of the previous version.

I made changes only on the "Elevation" side of the project while the the other aspects are pretty the same.

I don't use anymore a potentiometer for the "homing" but two simple Hall sensors, and I'm working on adding a Accelerometer and Magnetometer for a better control.

I've upgraded the azimuth's gear, for very more reliability in time (bigger module and more sturdle 

There are not changes in the electronic part except for the the new Hall sensors as end-stops.

I tried to use a magnetometer but I should install too close the motor, readings were disturbated (garbage) from the magnetic field of the Nema, and furthermore it needed to be calibrated often.. so no big deal.

See the electronics page for more information and same as for the software

Since the shape and the structure changed a lot I still need to redesign a new shell to cover it from the rain.

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If you want to be uploaded some of your projects ...just email me or write in the forum and discuss it

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