-The last problem is the software, it is very difficult to give a general guide for every use.

And maybe it's too complicated and precise for a DIY machine and his purpose.

This machine can be used as a stellar tracker, solar tracker or i use with as a mirror to follow sun and reflect the light inside my house.

I didn’t like to use a sd with txt file with all the coordinates of the sun, but Since i studied at my engineering couse a lot about the sun and classic mechanics about earth movements i rebuilted the equations with high accuracy 0.1% (it counts the reflection of the light too).

I use the esp to get the real time from internet and check the weather conditions.

If it rains I move the mirror to protect the case as much as possible from the water , and it download wind strenth and direction from internet and it is dangerous it puts the mirror in a “flag” position. 

(a 30km/h of wind can cause almost 50N of forces a high torques (15Nm in the worst case) and 1m^2 of mirror).

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