Here I show how to mount and assembly the shell. This is fase should be done only when everything is working and tested.

It's not all 3d printed because it would be expensive and maybe not everyone has more than 20x20cm as printable volume.

The plastics components should be done in a resistent material like ABS  or PETG because the sun Heat can melt PLA or maybe you can see creep problems.

It's made with 3d printed supports and parts in wood. You need just a 5mm thick wood board.

Below  the dimension of the wood pieces.

The other important part is avoid that water could fall inside the box. It's impossible to make simple lid, because the arm moves and a lot too (90° degrees of escursion ).

I solved the problem using some pieces of a waterproof fabric or whatever you want.(it just need to flexible enough and not so hard to be sewed.

I sewed those cut pieces of fabric in the same way as the leather of the gear shifter in a car.

When it's ready the fabric, trap a little strips between the top wood board and the last and top piece of plastic.

Now let's think about the base.

it's more simple you will need 3 pieces (3d printed).

The centering piece has only the purpose to put in the right position the two "half tube".

Glue everything and sand where it needed and paint everything. (for protection more than aesthetics )

I made mine in military camouflage, so it should be less noticeable in the garden.

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If you want to be uploaded some of your projects ...just email me or write in the forum and discuss it

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