The electrical part may be result not so easy for everyone.

Since I hate wires I designed a specific DIY shield that fits on the Arduino due.

I have used Arduino due because I need very high accuracy with floating point calculus and it is more simple to use an ESP module due to the same operative voltage (3.3V).

So the components are:


-CAPACITOR – 2x100uF, 1x47uF, 5x 0.1uF


-Resistors(if you want leds) – 68 oHm  for the red, 82 oHm for the green


-Diode for the in polarity protection:  at least more than 12v (I used a 47V one)


- esp8266 (It is perfect because of it's working voltage)


-lcd1306 oled I use it for debugm and display current status of the Tracker


-2 x  driver A4998 or dvr8825.




-potentiometer (I used a potentiometer instead of a second Endstop, because I can have a second Angle control and not only from the Stepper motor.


-female and male pin

I used a double layer pcb because it is just impossible to fit everithing in one layer.

I used the toner Transfer way without heat, you can find a lot of videos on you tube.

Just print the two circuits(top.pdf and bot.pdf ) e using ( acethone and alcohol solution 1:3) transfer of the cupper piece.

Print them with maximum toner density possible.

-Fix errors with a felt tip pen and dip in FeCl3 salt  (at least at 50 degrees to speed up the reaction ). You can use a solution with HCl too but I don't advice  because it's too dangerous.

After few minutes(4-5) take out the circuit


-Drill where it needs with a 0.7mm tape

My PCB as you can see in the photos it's not perfect but enough to work.

Clean everithing with acethone and control with a multimeter if the lines are discontinued.

Just solder all the components and vias.

(DANGER, wear protection glasses and mask. Do it outside !!!!!!)

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If you want to be uploaded some of your projects ...just email me or write in the forum and discuss it

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