DIY frame is the main  advantage of this drone because you can rebuilt when it crashes with few euros. If you like Fpv flighting at high speed it's not so hard to crash!!

"If you have built it you repair it" it's the logic behind this model. (Small pieces cheap and easy to replace).

FPV drone with a 3d printed frame.
The arms are made in carbon fiber tube for reducing the drone weight.
Drone has thirty minutes of autonomy due to 5000mAh battery.
Overall cost is about 350 dollars but you can save some money if you buy from the right online shop.
It is very stable, and fast because of Naza M-lite controller.
Use nylon bolts and nuts (M3) to save weigh.
It mounts 8" propeller, and all the configuration had be chosen with eCalc software.
Ask everything you need to know to build it.
I have Solidworks files too as you can customize on your own, ask me if you need.

Here a video you tube video


And here the link for the Thingverse project:


Down the links for the products I have bought: 

Carbon-fiber tube 12 mm of diameter :


NYLON bolts and nut (M3 length 20-25 mm):


brushless motor 1000kv:


naza m_lite or a generic flight controller:


RUNcam 2( if you want to use my support ):


Propellers 8"  8045:


Lipo battery

(you can choose beetween 3750 to 5000mAh):

I used 5000mAh to have the best battery life because i don't mind so much of agility.


You will need 4xspeed controller (at least 30A), a radiocontroller, and radiotransmitter  if you want to use as a fpv drone. 

Total cost is about 400-500 euros, depends if you want the fpv stuff.

I'm working on a pcb to save some weight from ll the  wires and connectors.

More weight can be saved using an another flight controller but I think that Naza is very stable and easy for use.

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If you want to be uploaded some of your projects ...just email me or write in the forum and discuss it

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